This sweetie was having silver dreams long time before she sat in this chair.

Asian hair can be a challenge when the platinum colours are wanted.

In general there’s a high risk of breakage in these kind of transformations ! As a hairstylist you therfore have to be very careful with 

1)  application


2) processing time   … 

If not – this can go wrong. Mucho wrong!!

Products I’ve been using to achieve this look :

Keratin Bleach deco  

Grey colour mc2

And of course PURE NORDIC CARE  !!!

6 hours later Thuy went granny ?

T r e a t m e n t 

Argan & keratin shampoo ph


Argan & keratin nectar leave in conditioner ph

Argan & keratin elixir ph

S t y l i n g 

Hairspray ph

Argan & keratin elixir ph

GORGEOUS waves made with my favourite styling iron from chi g2 
Lightning is EVERYTHING people.  Please remember ?

So - I hope you like this beautiful transformation!

A r e  y o u  a  H a i r  s t y l i s t ?
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