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Many people have trouble figuring out how to wash their hair properly. Therefore, I have decided to make a blog post where I am going to share the optimal hair wash routine for you guys.

The optimal hair wash routine:

Your routine will be different as it depends on your hair. If you have natural and normal hair that has not gone through a chemical treatment, it is abundant to use the following routine:

  1. Shampoo – Wash your hair twice
  2. Hair treatment – Use once a week, not more
  3. Conditioner/rinse – Use after every wash
  4. Hair oil – You can use the oil in both wet and dry hair

If your hair has become extremely dry and damaged after a bleaching or other chemical treatment, I recommend the following routine:

  1.  Shampoo – Wash your hair twice
  2. Hair treatment – Use after every wash
  3. Conditioner/rinse – Use after every hair treatment
  4. Leave in conditioner – Use in damped hair after every wash. I also recommend that you use it in the days between your hair washes, to keep your hair flexible and strong.
  5. Hair oil – Use as required

A more detailed explanation:

  1. It is important to wash your hair twice to get the optimal effect out of your hair wash. The first wash removes all grease in your hair, so your hair becomes clean and fresh. The second wash is about adding volume and brightness into your hair. By washing your hair twice, you can avoid feeling that you must wash your hair all the time.
  2. Let the hair treatment remain in your hair for the recommended time before washing it out. If you have dry and damaged hair, especially after a huge color change you must use a hair treatment after every wash. When you brighten up the hair, all moisture, nourishment and pigment are removed from it. The treatment will get into your hair and supply with moisture and nourishment and then speed up the recovery process.
  3. Use a conditioner/rinse and leave it in your hair for the recommended time, before washing it out. The conditioner will seal your hair after the hair treatment and give it a shiny finish.
  4. If you have extremely damaged hair, you must use a leave in conditioner in your damped hair. This product will make your hair extra soft, flexible and strong during the day. Leave in conditioner will help your hair to recover after a chemical treatment and avoid it from breaking in the future.
  5. Use a hair oil to make your hair moveable, soft and flexible so it doesn’t break. As a bonus your hair will become very shiny.


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Helen Lucca Gudjonsson <3

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