Vanilla, Amber and Chestnut dream..

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Fatima before her colour transformation .

It can be a long traveling process going from black/brown to blondes.

In my opinion it is up to you how fast you wish to make it happen. ( And your wallet ofcourse 😉 )

What you’ll realize after transforming your dark hair to blonde hair – is that it suddenly needs attention !

Meaning that

1) A toner at your hairstylist every fourth week will be necessary to keep the colour intact.

2) Haircare just went from one to a whole new level !

Getting blonde also means you’re left with prrr-etty dehydrated hair and therefore in a huge need for moisture .

Don’t panic – find the proper haircare product for your hair and everything will be just fine!

If you’re a hairstylist – find formula below.

Going blonder from :

Outgrowth level – 2 – Mid shaft to ends level – 7/8/9/10 .

Course of action :

Baby lights finished with some beautiful smudged roots.

Blonde baby lights – CHI Blondestblonde farouksystems with 40vol

Medium chestnut baby lights – 10b with 30vol shine shades farouk systems


In damped hair – CHI colour lock treatment mid shaft to ends.

Applying 6a 10vol demi (2:1) shine shades farouk systems in root area for about 5-7 minutes.


Wash with CHI colour lock shampoo and treatment .

Products :

Shine shades

CHI Blondestblonde

Farouks systems here

Any questions? Comment below! ❤