Let the fun begin… Colour remove.  Bleaching.. Product : deco bleach without ammonia from sens.us  And of course Pure Nordic Bonds for strong and healthy hair. @purenordiccare Base colour. Product : mc2 without ammonia and ppd from sens.us  Time to BALAYAGE ? Finished with smoothing sheild from @purenordiccare Thank you for stopping by ❤ Xxx @helenlucca Nordic  #balayageexpert 

Smukke Thuy er én af de tøser der ikke er bange for at bryde normerne…Og lige dér kommer hun det helt rette sted ? ! Normer er til for at blive brudt og Danmark er endelig ved at åbne øjnene hvad angår hår farve…  (halle f* luja ❤ ) Dette var farve resterne fra Thuys sidste besøg. Når jeg arbejder starter jeg altid med en ren base for at opnår […]

This sweetie was having silver dreams long time before she sat in this chair. Asian hair can be a challenge when the platinum colours are wanted. In general there’s a high risk of breakage in these kind of transformations ! As a hairstylist you therfore have to be very careful with  1)  application and  2) processing time   …  If not – this can go wrong. Mucho wrong!! Products I’ve been using […]

Ello everyone! Today I had the pleasure of this pretty little lady Sofia.  Because of her (fortunate) Arabic genes this dark brown hair colour (hairstylists info : chi shine shades demi-  4n – 3n) really compliments her like a true Arabian goddess!  Made these waves with my all time favourite styling iron from chi g2  The hair has been through some rough times in the past – no question about that. Although – with […]

(Before pic ? – scroll down) Hi guys! Let’s take a walk through Copenhagen with this colorful hairgasm ? Oil slick colour POP to light up the streets of Copenhagen  This is perfect if you want the darkness maintained meanwhile wishing to get a little something something- working for you! This is SO cool guys! I love how the colors are super flirtatious whenever the lighting hits the surface  Will light up any city […]

This lovely woman came by with this dry and coarse hair … We decided to balayage it and this was how It Went ? Many people are beginning to feel the balayage vibes !  This is serttently not a new trend however if you wish to have a timeless touch to your hair (?) this is it!  Go balayage gurl ! ? I consider myself as a balayage expert from Copenhagen Denmark and you can […]

Before the appointment- This babe wrote me with the letters  “I’ve been thinking.. Let’s go blonde!”  ? Me… “YAS!” ?  Ever since the first thought I knew this day would come for beautiful Tanya and I must say  Mama was proud.  ..?? We spent four and a half hours to go from her beautiful Strawberry gold blond to this (Hubbahubba) Normally I would easily spend a whole day to achieve […]

This beautiful woman came by to get her free colour POP from one of my contests awhile ago  ❤ Stine had one wish .. Give me silver !!! And so I did ? Are you a hairstylist? Want to join my BALAYAGE course this august ? Contact me on pop@helenlucca.com  It is amazing what the lighting does to the shadings!  Right?! We both were very pleased with the outcome.. How […]

    Glædelig sankthans! I traditionens tro – vil jeg nu dele denne gamle video med tips og tricks til en smuk og naturlig makeup. ? Hi Guys! This tutorial is an oldie and has become a tradition here on my blog. Enjoy! (Sorry it’s not in English) Xxx Pudderpapilotten @helenlucca Instagram – Snapchat

English!? Scroll down ? Vi ser masser af grå/silver/granny/steel ect. – hår farver disse dage og for at få disse smukke nuancer kræves et platin grundlag. (Hair by me) Derefter kræves der en hel del vedligeholdelse i form af shampoo/conditioner med et indhold af lilla pigmenter. Dette skal gøres i forhold til at holde de gule nuancer på afstand. Vil man bevare sin hårfarve grå – skal man enten gøre […]