Granny gone wild

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Beautiful granny tones can be soo pretty ! Especially if you’re the owner of a true Scandinavian look ..

BUT , There’s a rule.

Before achieving this particular coloration – you have to be BLONDE+ (level 10+) .

True story – “The blonder , the better”.

Less than that – you’ll risk the colour to turn out #horrorsuspiciousgreenish ect.

Being true to my professional believes – this lady actually got bleached up with her last visit and was therefore ready to rumble 😉

Here’s to poor leftovers from the last coloration and silver haircare products.

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Formula : 60g 8s , 10g 8a , 5g 1n drops of beige additive – 10v demi (2:1)

Roots – mid shaft to ends .


To maintain the colour I recommend

CHI color illuminate silver

Products used to achieve this granny look :

Bleach CHI blondestblonde 30vol (from her last visit)

Coloration CHI ionic shine shades

Farouk systems – CHIDANMARK

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below ❤


Helen lucca Gudjonsson.