The Eternal Mystery of ‘Balayage’

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SoMe trends and the popular instagram look 

Because of the increasing influence social media has on our everyday lives, different SoMe tendencies are starting to flourish on multiple social platforms. Upon these platforms, people continuously get inspired by profiles, who posts pictures of the newest hair trends, to which I have noticed that a specific tendency is significantly more interesting and requested than the others. The popular phenomena of “Balayage”.

This has resulted in, that I on a regular basis meet clients, with the wish of getting that “Balayage look”.

With time, I have experienced that a lot of people have misunderstood the actual meaning of “Balayage”. Therefore, i will once and for all, explain the actual meaning of “Balayage”, so no further misunderstandings will occur.

The word ‘Balayage’ originated from the French language, and means “to sweep – sweeping”
However, in the hairstylist profession, it is referred as: “painting in free hand – on the hair”

This means, that “Balayage” is a technique used by hairstylist, when they do their different colour creations.
It is therefore not a look, which many mistakenly believe.

Everything depends on the starting point

To achieve a desired result, everything depends on the starting point. If you wish for a specific look, it is not necessarily a Balayage technique to be used, as it depends on the starting point that the client enters with.

The above is also one of the reasons why I work with you as a customer to send me an email where you enclose a picture of the current starting point, as well as a picture of the hair you are dreaming of – because it may be necessary to use another – and perhaps more proper technique – to achieve the desired result. In this way I have the opportunity to create a tailor-made solution build on your starting point and wishes, so I can make your hair dreams come true.

When you as a client discover a picture on instagram, which looks like the result of what other hairstylists calls a ‘Balayage’, it is not certain that the Balayage technique was used to achieve the look on the picture. As mentioned above, it depends on the starting point before the coloration.

This means that the technique used for your hair, might not necessarily be the technique which was used to make the look on the photo, because of the different starting point and type of hair. OBS: This does not mean you cannot get the desired look, it just means that another technique than Balayage, might have to be used.

Most natural as possible

When using the Balayage technique, hairstylists work with tone in tone results.
This means, that if you have dark hair, you can expect warmer nuances in your hair and If you are blond, you can achieve colder nuances in the hair.
The Balayage technique is used to get the most natural result. Based on your current level it is possible to lift the hair from one to four tones. (This corresponds to what the sun would have done to the hair over an x-number of summers).

So next time that you see a hairstyle that resembles a “Balayage”, in one of your Instagram inspiration pages, you need to remember, that you cannot be sure of whether a Balayage technique was used or not.

I hope that this has given you guys a better understanding of what Balayage is. If not, you are welcome to write a comment, where after I will answer your questions. <3 

Best regards from
Helen Lucca Gudjonsson.
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